California High School Rodeo Association - District 4

Hello District 4 Members,
We will be selling poinsettia. They are $10 for each plant. Sell 10 poinsettia = 1 fundraiser. The District receives half of what we sell.
Please print out the attached flyer and order from. Please note the
DUE DATE NOV.5, 2016!
Thank you to Kristy Bourdet for organizing this fundraiser.
Thank you all for your participation!
PO Box 842
Soledad, Ca.93960
High School Rodeo Mission Statement
  • To encourage among the members closer personal acquaintance, social relations and a friendly spirit of mutual cooperation.

  • To maintain order and standards set up by the the National High School Rodeo Association and to promote high school rodeo on a state level and work toward this by bringing state recognition to this activity for students.

  • To promote the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship at the various rodeos by setting up standards to be met to reach this end.

  • To increase and maintain interest of the high school student in rodeos and other functions of the state.

  • To encourage boys and girls to continue in school and participate in rodeos and then continue on to college.


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