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Proudly representing the Counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, Contra Costa, Alameda and San Francisco
2018-19 CHSRA D4 Bylaws ***NEW***
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CHSRA 2018-19 Bi-Law’s 


“GOOD STANDING”: A member who is in good standing is a member who participates and adheres to ALL rules and policies at the national, State, and District level. A Member in good standing may participate in any high school rodeo event that he/she is eligible for. A member must maintain good conduct and uphold the standards that form the reputation, principles, and interests of the Association. 
When funds permit, good standing awards are given at year end. To be eligible for this award, the contestant must complete the rodeo season and end in good standing. 


“BAD STANDING”: A member in “bad standing” is not eligible to participate in any high school rodeo sponsored event at national, State, or District level until the District Board has cleared the contestant from Bad standing status. A member in “bad standing” is not eligible for any type of year end awards. 


“ALCOHOL & DRUGS”: NO alcohol or drugs will be tolerated at ANY High School Rodeo performance. No tobacco product use by any contestant will be tolerated at High School Rodeo performances or functions. Refer to the National Rule Book. 


“ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP”: Associate Memberships are available for $15 per membership. Any adult that is helping in the arena and/or bucking chutes is REQUIRED to have an Associate Membership due to insurance purposes. 


“ENTRIES”: NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted. Entries are considered late if postmarked after the due date. Entries with a postmark date after the closing date will be returned unopened. We strongly suggest that you make a copy of your entry to keep and get a CERTIFICATE OF MAILING at the post office as proof of mailing. If the secretary does not receive your entry and you can provide a proof of mailing and a copy of your entry – you will be allowed to rodeo upon payment of fees. If an entry is not filled out correctly, or if there is ANTYHING missing from your entry (membership #, school seal, school signature, etc…) a $10 fee will be charged. If fees submitted are not the correct amount, entries must be paid before the member will be allowed to check in. If the entry is missing a check, entries must be paid BEFORE the draw date or the secretary will return your entry and you will not be entered in the rodeo. In accordance to the State Policy Manual, all metered mail must also have a dated proof of mailing. DO NOT SEND ANY TYPE OF MAIL THAT REQUIRES A SUGNATURE UPON RECEIPT!!! Membership number MUST BE LISTED ON ALL RODEO ENTRIES ONCE IT HAS BEEN ISSUED. All entries will be available on the district website unless specifically requested to be mailed.


“CHECK IN”: The contestant is to be checked in at the rodeo office by the time stated on the entry unless prior arrangements have been made with the Rodeo Secretary. Contestants will receive back numbers and a program at time of check in. Contestants MUST bring membership card to all rodeo check ins. Number must be worn on back at all district rodeos. 


“REPORT CARDS”: A copy of the member’s most current report card MUST be to the MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY prior to CLOSE OF ENTRY DATE. It is the responsibility of the contestant to get the report card to the secretary within one week of the report cards being issued by the school. If Membership Secretary does not have the most current report card at the time of close of entries, the member will not be able to rodeo and will forfeit all current entries. Faxed or Emailed copy will not be accepted. Students attending non-traditional schools must provide copies of class contract at the beginning of each grading period and official transcripts at the end of each grading period. 


“POINTS”: ANY questions/ discrepancies on points MUST be addressed with the head point’s person within 30 days of the points being posted. Once the 30 days is up, the points will stand as posted. 


“REFUNDS” There will be NO refunds after the draw date. Stock will be ordered and you will be entered into the payback. If a doctor or a vet note is received, only entries will be refunded. No stock or office fee will be refunded. 


“NON SUFFICIENT FUNDS CHECK”: Returned checks must be cleared in the form of a money order or cash, plus a bank charge will apply. Contestants will not be allowed to enter another NHSRA sanctioned rodeo until all obligations are fulfilled. The District Treasurer will notify the State Secretary of any outstanding debts after the final rodeo. Membership will not be issued the following year until all debts are cleared. After one non-sufficient funds check, member will be on a money order or cashier’s check only status. 


“RAIN DATES”: An attempt will be made to give 24 hours’ notice to contestants when a rodeo is cancelled. We will attempt to contact all members, but when in question, IT IS THE CONTESTANT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT THE RODEO SECRETARY TO SEE IF THE RODEO HAS BEEN CANCELLED. No travel or other expenses will be reimbursed – regardless of the circumstances – if a rodeo is cancelled.


“JACK POTTING”: Jackpot fee will be included with every entry. These jackpot fees will not exceed $10. Jack Potting will be determined on a year to year basis.


“CONTESTANT RODEO WORK DUTY”: Every member of District 4 entered in the rodeo will be assigned work duty except event directors. If a member does not fulfill their duty assigned and does not get their card signed off by the adult event director and back to the rodeo secretary at the end of the rodeo, a $25 fee will be assessed and the member will be considered in “bad standing” until the fee is paid. 


“EVENT DIRECTOR WORK DUTY”: Student event directors must be in the arena for the entire event (except while competing or preparing to compete). They are responsible to view every contestant and make rulings in the event of a question. If an event director needs to leave to prepare or compete in that event, he/she must have a designated member stand in while out of the arena. This duty is the work duty for event directors. No card will be issued.


“SAFETY VIDEO”: ALL members must view a safety video before they compete in High School Rodeo. The video must be viewed at the beginning of each season and an acknowledgement form signed. 


“STATE REPRESENTATIVES”: State reps that miss 2 state meetings will be recommended for replacement. 


“OFFICERS  & EVENT DIRECTORS” Officers and Event Directors who miss 3 Board meetings will be recommended for replacement. 


“SPONSORSHIPS”: Each High School Member is required to obtain one $250 sponsorship for the district. Junior High Members are required to obtain one $150 sponsorship. This money is used for the operation of rodeos. Each member must fulfill the sponsorship requirement by November 15th or the member will not be able to rodeo and will forfeit all current entries. Members who join after November 15th must complete their sponsorship requirement within 30 days. 


“FUNDRAISERS / WORK HOURS”: Every contestant will participate in District/State fundraisers to be eligible for yearend awards and to represent the District at Challenge, State, Silver State, or National Rodeos.
"STATE FUNDRAISER REQUIREMENT": Each student member is required to sale State raffle tickets and turns them in by the January District 4 Rodeo. 


“DISTRICT FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENTS”: Each High School student is required to participate in 4 fundraisers that bring in a minimum of $50 for each fundraiser (This is in addition to the$250 sponsorship). Junior High Students are required to participate in at least 2 fundraisers (This is in addition to the $150 sponsorship). Example 1: When District 4 concession stand is used at an outside event (i.e. Doyle Hoskins roping or Barrel Races) or a home rodeo working a 4 hour shift = 1 fundraiser. Example 2: The selling of poinsettias, sell 10 poinsettias = 1 fundraiser. Example 3: Selling 5 Super Bowl Squares = 1 fundraiser Example 4: Selling 2 Alumni dinner tickets = 1 fundraiser. Example 5: MANDATORY Silent auction item ($50 value) for February Multi District rodeo. Additional service may be required as is fairly determined by the board during the year. Services provided by a member or member’s family may be considered in lieu of other requirements at the discretion of the Board PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Members who choose not to participate in the 4 fundraisers will pay  $400 H.S. / $200 Jr. High to remain a member in good standing. Members who do not complete these requirements will be considered a member in bad standing. District 4 member or a family member must work their own hours to receive credit for a fundraiser. If a member works more than 4 fundraisers, they cannot donate to another member. The State raffle tickets do not count towards fundraisers. District 4 rodeo work duty does not count as a fundraiser.


"PARENT PARTICIPATION": The production of our District rodeos cannot be done without the help of parent participation. Parents will be asked on a voluntary basis to fill the positions needed to put on our rodeos. Positions not filled on a voluntary basis will be assigned by the District. If you are assigned a job, and you cannot make it, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.


“YEAR END AWARDS”: To be eligible for yearend awards, each member must have completed 50% plus one of the points sanctioned rodeos in that event. If there is a hardship due to illness or injury that prevents the member from competing in 50% +1 rodeo, the member may petition the executive board to override the 50% +1 rule. This will be voted on by the executive board. The member must also have completed their sponsorship and fundraising requirements within the timeline and met all other participation requirements to remain in good standing. If a member does not fulfill the obligation to the satisfaction of the Board, they will not be eligible for yearend awards or to represent the district at other NHSRA rodeos. A member must be in full western attire to receive any awards at any awards presentation. In the event of a first place tie a coin flip will be determined who receives the award at the presentation and another award of equal value will be ordered for the loser of the coin toss, however the loser of the coin toss will get first pick of the prizes on the table. Year end awards budget will be determined by availability of funds. Saddles may be awarded to year end event winners in events that have had 5 or more contestants entered in that event all year. If less than 5 contestants compete in that event, saddle sponsorships may be obtained by said contestants if they wish to receive a saddle. 


“DISTRICT VESTS”: When a contestant competes at Challenge and State Finals, he/she must wear a RED DISTRICT 4 VEST to identify and represent district 4. The vest is the financial responsibility of each contestant.

 “ADDRESS/PHONE/EMAIL CHANGES”: It is the responsibility of the contestant to notify both the membership secretary and the rodeo secretary IMMEDIATELY of any address, phone, or email changes.
“WEBSITE”: Important dates (rodeos, closing dates, entries, etc….) are posted on the CHSRA District 4 Website. It is the responsibility of the contestant to check the website and abide by dates and notices. Emails will be sent out also with important District information, so it is very important that we have accurate email addresses on file. 

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